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At Discount Shelving & Displays, we have been helping Swimming Pool Stores with affordable, high quality store fixtures including metal gondola shelving, retail displays, store supplies, and many other store fixtures since 1995.

Swimming Pool Store Shelving and Fixtures
If you are a Swimming Pool Store that needs, metal gondola shelving, gondola end capsgrid wallmerchandising dump bins, gridwall displays, slatwall displays, slatwall panelsretail signageretail store shopping carts, Swimming Pool Store shopping basketsplastic shopping bagsprice labelersgridwall hooksslatwall hooks, stacking wire basket displays, or wire shelving, to display your swimming pool supplies, then we are the right solution for you. We have more than one thousand products to choose from, guaranteed to meet virtually all your Swimming Pool Store shelving and fixtures, retail displays and store supply needs. 

Swimming Pool Store Gondola Shelving
Discount Shelving & Displays is a leader in providing Swimming Pool Stores with Metal Gondola Shelving - one of the most popular store shelving options available. Swimming Pool Stores use Metal Gondola Shelving because of its durability and versatility. Our Metal Gondola Shelves are made of heavy duty steel with each Gondola Shelf capable of holding heavy loads (up to 500 pounds of general merchandise) such as swimming pool chemicals, chlorine tablets, pool shock, pool water balancers, pool algaecides, pool clarifiers and more.  In addition to displaying swimming pool and spa chemicals, our gondola shelving is perfect for displaying pool equipment and other pool accessories.

A huge benefit that Metal Gondola Shelving provides is that it creates an effective traffic flow management system throughout the store that makes use of the entire retail space, and can help maximize sales. One can achieve this by placing the more common items such as: BioGuard®, Aqua Chem®, Pool Time® and other pool chemicals near the end of the shelving unit. Using this method of swimming pool store organization, your customers can be exposed to all of the other swimming pool accessories that they may need, before finding the ones that they came in for.
Gondola Shelving comes in Gondola Wall UnitsDouble-Sided Gondola Units and Gondola End Cap Units.  Our Gondola Shelving is available in 24”, 30”, 36” and 48” lengths.  Available heights range from 36” to 120” high.  Base sizes are most commonly 16”, 18”, 20”, 22” and 24”.

Most Swimming Pool Stores use Gondola Wall Units that are 72” to 96” high with standard base sizes of 16” to 24”.  Swimming Pool Stores commonly use ivory or black colored Gondola Shelving with pegboards backing which can accept peg hooks and scanner hooks which are perfect for displaying swimming supplies and accessories. Gondola Shelving with pegboard are very useful because often, swimming pool store accessories items have odd shapes, or take up a lot of space. Metal Gondolas with pegboard backing solve this problem because you can hang the items virtually anywhere on the pegboard display area, while still maintaining a clean, organized look and simultaneously keeping space to a minimum. 

Decorative Vinyl Gondola Inserts

Gondola Shelves have a channel on the front that accepts decorative colored vinyl inserts  which allow Swimming Pool Stores to change the color of the front of their gondola shelves to highlight seasonal or themed displays.  These channels also accept display labels and channel label holders and sign holders. You can also add gondola fencesgondola baskets and gondola shelf dividers on the metal gondola shelves to better organize your swimming goods such as swimming pool cleaning accessories,  swimming pool covers, swimming pool safety products, and more.. At Discount Shelving & Displays, we also offer a large selection of Gondola Accessories designed to help you better organize your products, display add-on merchandise, signage and more.             

Gridwall Dislays and Gridwall Wire Baskets

Swimming Pool Store Gridwall Displays
Another popular Swimming Pool Store fixture is gridwall.  Swimming Pool Stores like gridwall because of its versatility, functionality, unique look, durability, and affordability. Gridwall is a grid constructed from ¼-inch diameter wire arranged in 3” squares and welded at crossover points for strength.  Available as panels, Gridwall comes in black, white and chrome colors, and are offered in a range of sizes including: 4’x4’, 2’x4’, 1’x5’, 2’x5’, 2’x6’, 2’x7’, 2’x8’, 4’x6’, 4’x8’, 3’x6’ and 3’x8’.

Gridwall panels are easy to assemble and panels can be mounted on walls or used as a floor display with or without grid legs or grid bases in different configurations. Use in combination with grid wall accessories such as grid hooks, gridwall shelvesgridwall baskets and,  gridwall bins  to display swimming pool parts, filter cartridges, replacement cells as well as pool toys and decorative swimming pool merchandise for sale. 

Gridwall is relatively lightweight and can be easily changed and merchandised for seasonal displays which makes Gridwall the perfect Swimming Pool Store Fixture.  Swimming Pool Stores often use black gridwall panels to create displays for pool supplies, swimming pool and spa parts, pool toys and swimming pool accessories.  During the off season, gridwall allows Swimming Pool Stores to easily change the store layout. For example, you can change the store layout to sell holiday Christmas Store merchandise.

Swimming Pool Store Slatwall Panels and Slatwall Displays

Slatwall Hooks, Slatwall Wire Baskets, and Slatwall Panels

Along the perimeter walls of Swimming Pool Stores, many stores use slatwall panels to display a variety of swimming pool and spa equipment accessories including pool skimmers, pool vacuum hoses, pool tile displays, and many other products. Slatwall panels provide a similar benefit to peg backing displays, but in a much more visually appealing manner. You can still display oddly shaped items or shelves, but you also can use it to brand your store while maximizing the retail space in your swimming pool store.

In addition to providing a finished wall treatment for retail environments, Slatwall panels are also a favorite among Swimming Pool and Spa Stores because it can accept a variety of slatwall accessories such as slatwall hookswood shelvestempered glass shelves. bullnose shelving with slatwall shelf brackets. At Discount Shelving & Displays we also offer slatwall wire basketsslatwall wire shelvingslatwall acrylic shelves and slatwall acrylic bins for different retail display applications.

On the retail sales floor, Swimming Pool Stores use slatwall displays such as Slatwall H Gondola DisplaySlatwall T Gondola DisplayRotating Slatwall Display, Slatwall Cube Displays, and Slatwall 4 Way Displays.  These slatwall displays, available in attractive colors such as walnut, maple, black and white, accept slatwall accessories such as slat hooksslatwall face outs, slatwall waterfalls, slatwall shelf brackets as well as slatwall wire baskets, wood shelves, and bullnose shelves. These displays are perfect to place near a checkout area or near popular products because they can hold up complimentary items that a customer may be interested in, while not taking up too much space. Many of our past clients use these displays to hold up swimming nets, chlorine floaters, fragrances, toys, inflatable items and other low price, impulse purchases.

Here at Discount Shelving & Displays, we offer complimentary Swimming Pool Store design consultation and services that help maximize the use of your retail floor space so you can redesign or open a successful swimming pool store to help and maximize your sales

We invite you to shop for Swimming Pool Store Shelving and Fixtures and Store Supplies at www.discountshelving.com, or contact us at: 1-888-957-4353 or email: sales@discountshelving.com.



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