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Discount Shelving & Displays - Auto Parts

Looking For Auto Parts Store Shelving Solutions?

Get Your Customers On Their Way With Merchandise In Sight & On Hand

Support Your Business With
Our High Quality Shelving

Devising an effective store layout is key to maximizing sales in your Auto Parts or Car Wash Store. An optimal flow of traffic encourages your customers to walk the aisles freely, viewing your products with ease. To achieve these results, equip your business with high quality shelving and displays like our Metal Gondola Shelving, Gondola Wall Units, Gondola End Cap Displays, Gondola 4-Way Merchandisers, Wide Span Shelving, Slatwall Merchandisers, Gridwall Displays and Right Way Gondola Checkout Counters. Our team of experts can help you navigate our expansive catalog to find the perfect shelving for your business as well as a create the perfect layout to make the most of your retail space and boost your sales.

Enjoy Durability & Versatility
With Our Metal Gondola Shelving

Automotive supplies are hefty and come in vast amounts of formulas, you need shelving that can bear heavy weights and keep your products organized for a smooth shopping experience. Our high quality Metal Gondola Shelving is an industry favorite for these purposes and offers you the versatility to display products both large and small. Made of heavy-duty steel and capable of bearing heavy loads of up to 500lbs, your products will be displayed securely until sold. Our Metal Gondola Shelves can be positioned straight or angled and can be adjusted in one inch increments allowing for maximum product display per gondola unit. Available in Gondola Wall Units, Double-Sided Gondola Units and Gondola End Cap Units, you can choose from lengths of 24”, 30”, 36” and 48” and heights ranging 36” to 120” as well as base sizes ranging from 10” to 22”. Standard dimensions for Auto Parts and Car Wash Stores tend to be 72”, 84” and 96” high with standard base sizes of 18”, 20”, 22” and 24” depths for maximum inventory display space.

Customize Your Units
To Meet Your Needs

Gondola shelving is available is many options that are tailored to displaying a wide range of merchandise and while maintaining your desired aesthetic. To highlight specific products and promote sales, we recommend our Gondola End Cap Units for the end of your shopping aisles and near check-out registers for immediate viewing. Our Gondola 4-Way Merchandisers offer a 360 display to make the most out of your floor space and are perfect for smaller accessory items. They are available in ivory or black finishes as well as solid or pegboard backing to utilize peg and pegboard scanner hooks. You can personalize your gondola shelving with colorful inserts and display labels using the convenient channel on the front of each shelf. To further organize your merchandise, we provide gondola fences, baskets and shelf dividers. These are optimal for categorizing automotive items such as oil filters, air filters, filter caps, auto replacement parts, and waxes. The possibilities are endless with our selection of Gondola Accessories to help you better organize and promote your products.

Create A Standout Display That
Supports Your Heaviest Products

For areas of your retail space where you want to make a big statement, choose our Wide Span Shelving that’s designed for displaying large quantities of large and heavy merchandise. Items such as car batteries, coolants, motor oils, tires and rims, car audio equipment are easily displayed on the heavy gauge steel construction. With a wide range of frame, deck and beam options available finishes of ivory or black we’ll supply you with the perfect unit for your retail space. Standard depths for Wide Span Shelving are 24”, 30”, 36” and 48” and standard lengths include 48”, 72”, 84”, and 96”. If being placed against a wall, standard heights include 84”, 96” and 120” and if being placed in the middle of your retail floor we recommend heights of 60”, 72” 84” and 96”. Choose our Wide Span Shelving Regular Duty Frame capable of holding 10,000lbs per frame and up to 1600lbs per level to support your bulky merchandise. For added strength and durability, choose our Wide Span Shelving Heavy Duty Frame capable of holding 22,000lbs per frame and up to 3,000lbs per level to stand up to your heaviest products. Customize your Wide Span Shelving to fit your needs with easy to use components such as our Wide Span Beams that are adjustable every 2”. Wide Span Deck Supports are used to support the MDF decks on wide span shelving frame and fit into the wide span shelving beams. You will need one for 36", 48"; two for 60"; three for 72", 84" and 96" long beams. Wide span deck wood - These sealed MDF decks are used to lay into the wide span beams with the deck supports. For regular duty wide span shelving these wide span 3/8” deck wood are available in 24", 30", 36", 48" depths. For heavy duty wide span shelving units, the 5/8” deck wood are available in 24",30",36",48" depths.

Present A Finished
& Functional Appearance

To outfit your perimeter walls, choose Slatwall Panels that are perfectly suited to displaying Auto Parts equipment and accessories such as car care products, car cables, nuts, bolts & screws, replacement lights, key chains and air fresheners. Comparable to the benefits of pegboard displays, slatwall panels offer the same versatility while presenting a more polished nd upscale appearance. There are number of slatwall accessories available to choose from, each suited to displaying products of different shapes and sizes. Choose from slatwall hooks, wood shelves, tempered glass shelves, bullnose shelving with slatwall shelf brackets, wire baskets, slatwall wire shelving, slatwall acrylic shelves and slatwall acrylic bins for different retail display applications. To accommodate your available retail space, slatwall displays are available in many forms such as Slatwall H Gondola Display, Slatwall T Gondola Display, Rotating Slatwall Display, Slatwall Cube Displays, and Slatwall 4 Way Displays. Represent your personal style with available color options including walnut cherry, maple, black and white. Slatwall displays are perfectly suited to drawing your customers eye towards impulse items near your checkout counter. We’ve supplied many of our Auto Store clients with slatwall units for displaying items such as wipes, waxes, air fresheners, key chains, mobile phone chargers, cell phone holders, and batteries.

Maximize Your Retail Space
With Versatile Gridwall Shelving

An increasingly popular choice amongst Auto Parts retailers, Gridwall is an affordable and multi-purpose shelving solution that can be used to display a wide range of merchandise. Due to its easily customizable structure, it is perfect for maximizing your retail space as a free-standing display or a wall mounted shelving panel. Constructed from ¼-inch diameter wire arranged in 3” squares and welded at crossover points for strength and durability. Match your store’s setting with gridwall panels in a variety of colors such as black, white and chrome. Choose from a range of available sizes including 4’x4’, 2’x4’, 1’x5’, 2’x5’, 2’x6’, 2’x7’, 2’x8’, 4’x6’, 4’x8’, 3’x6’ and 3’x8’. Gridwall offer an affordable shelving solution that can be easily assembled in countless different configurations with or without grid legs or bases. Outfit your gridwall panels with accessories such as grid hooks, gridwall shelves, gridwall face-outs, gridwall baskets, gridwall bins and more.

Ensure Your Sales Hub
Makes The Right Impression

The last impression you make upon your customers as they purchase their products is essential to ensuring their return. We offer an attractive and efficient solution with our Gondola Check-out Counters that provide ample space for both completing transactions and displaying impulse items. Boost your sales with eye-catching counter displays with items such as air-fresheners, key chains, small batteries, portable cell phone chargers and more. Our Gondola Check-Out Counters also offer an abundance of storage shelving behind the counter to store retail supplies. Choose from a range of sizes to fit your available space as well and laminate countertop and side panel colors. Available in standard depths of 24” and 30” and 72”, 84” and 96” lengths with other sizes also available upon request.

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