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Discount Shelving & Displays - Gift Shops

Looking For Gift Shop Shelving Solutions?

Let Us Guide You Towards Shelving Perfectly Tailored To Your Merchandise

Our Expansive Inventory Ticks
All The Boxes On Your List

Gift Shops rely on attractive shelving that encourages their customers to keep browsing until they find an item that piques their interest. Effective retail displays need to showcase a wide variety of merchandise and at Discount Shelving & Displays our experts can guide you through affordable shelving suited to your products. Some of the gift shops that use our store fixtures, retail displays and store shelving include:

  • Card Stores and Stationery Stores
  • Collectibles Stores
  • College and University Book Stores
  • Corporate Gift Shops
  • Duty Free Shops
  • Home Decor Stores
  • Hospital Gift Shops
  • Hotel and Resort Gift Shops
  • Souvenir Stores
  • Museum Gift Shops
  • Novelty Gift Stores
  • Toy Stores

Choose Shelving That
Adapts To Your Merchandise

Make the most of your gift shop’s perimeter walls with sleek slatwall panels that allow for simple rearrangement of your shelves to evolve with your growing inventory. Show off your style and choose from slatwall panel shelving options such as slatwall hooks, wood shelves, tempered glass shelves, and bullnose shelving. Cater to merchandise of all shapes and sizes with slatwall panel accessories such as slatwall wire baskets, slatwall wire shelving, slatwall acrylic shelves and slatwall acrylic bins. Optimize your sales floor with dynamic slatwall displays such as our Slatwall H Gondola Display, Slatwall T Gondola Display, Rotating Slatwall Display, Slatwall Cube Displays, and Slatwall 4 Way Displays. Available in stylish finishes such as walnut, maple, black and white, slatwall displays are perfect for carrying your stores aesthetic throughout.

Present A Polished Look
To Your Customers

Achieve a clean modern appearance in your gift shop with recessed wall standards, also known as concealed wall standards. This perimeter wall hardware has a concealed design that once installed is nearly undetectable. The minimal look is achieved by mounting the “T” shaped recessed standard into the wall stud and then mounting wall panels on both sides on top of the concealed standard. With only a thin vertical line for slotting in accessories visible, your customers won’t be distracted from your merchandise by bulky hardware. With recessed wall standards there’s no need to sacrifice your display options. Choose from additions such as shelf brackets, faceouts or hang rails designed specifically for the slotting of your concealed standard.

Explore Endless Display Options
To Boost Your Business

Equip your gift shop with classic glass display showcases to elegantly display your products. Many gift shops use full vision glass display cases that are 36 inches high and either 48 inches long or 70 inches long to feature valuable items that you want to keep secure. We offer many styles of full vision display cases, extra vision display cases and half vision display cases as well as a line of boutique style glass showcases and economy display cases. Your point of sale is the final impression your customer has before they exit your shop. Impress them with high quality cash register stands and wrap counters adorned with rotating displays that promote impulse sales. Glass and wood cube displays offer a segmented presentation that is easy for your customers to visually navigate and locate items that appeal to them. We offer several styles of elegant glass cube displays including Glass Bullet Displays, Elegant Glass Oval Displays, Deluxe Glass Oval Displays, Square Glass Displays and Glass Cube 4x4 Displays, Glass Cube 4 Step Displays and Glass Gondola Units. For an equally professional look, organized your merchandise with wood cube displays such as our 4-Sided Rotating T-Shirt Display on casters that is perfect for displaying t-shirts for sale.

Keep Your Business
Bustling Year Round

An industry favorite, Gift Shops favor retail display tables as a solid foundation to create endless displays with their sale items. Popular options in retail store display tables include: Nesting Tables, Economy Square 3 Step Table, Economy Rectangular 3 Tier Table, 3 Tier Oval Display Table, Upscale 3-Tier Display Tables. Choose from rectangle and square styles that are available in a variety of finishes to match your specific aesthetic. In addition to store fixtures, your business needs a hefty stock of retail supplies on hand to run smoothly and productively. Our catalog is your one stop shop for key retail supplies such as bags, frosted shopping bags, paper shopping bags, tissue paper and jewelry gift boxes. gift shops also need retail tagging guns, fasteners, self-adhesive sales tags and sales tags as well as retail signage and sign holders.

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