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Discount Shelving & Displays - Pet Store

Looking For Pet Supply Store Shelving Solutions?

Create Attractive Merchandise Displays Using Our Quality Fixtures

Let Our Experienced Team Help
You Find The Perfect Shelving

Pet stores carry an extensive range of products and a successful shelving layout is key to promoting sales. Designed to display a wide range of merchandise, pet store shelving and fixtures maximize the retail space in all four corners of your store and create the optimal flow of traffic throughout. When customers are able to move freely from aisle to aisle, you offer more visible variety of products, which in turn boosts your sales.

At Discount Shelving & Displays, we’ve helped pet supply stores find affordable high quality fixtures, displays, and retail store supplies since 1995. Some of the retail pet supply businesses that use our store fixtures and shelving include:

  • Animal Wellness Centers
  • Horse & Tack Supply Stores
  • Pet Fairs and Pet Trade Shows
  • Pet Groomers
  • Animal Supply Stores
  • Pet Care Stores
  • Puppy Stores
  • Vet Offices / Veterinary Hospitals

Create A Space For Products
of Every Shape and Size

We are a leader in providing pet stores with Metal Gondola Shelving – an industry favorite. Made of heavy duty steel, each gondola shelf is capable of withstanding your heaviest products including bulk bags of pet food of up to 500 pounds. Our Metal Gondola Shelves can be positioned straight or angled and can be adjusted in one inch increments allowing for maximum storage space and optimal viewing. We stock our Metal Gondola Shelving in ivory and black for immediate shipping and offer other colors such as gray, bright white, and more that require a greater manufacturing time but offer a more unique look. Our catalog includes several styles of units including Gondola Wall Units, Double-Sided Gondola Units and Gondola End Cap Units all suited to displaying a wide range of products. Our Gondola Shelving is available in 24”, 30”, 36” and 48” lengths and heights ranging from 36” to 120” high. Gondola Shelving Base (the lowest shelf on the gondola unit) sizes available range from 10” to 22”. Most Pet Stores choose Gondola Wall Units that are 72”, 84” and 96” high with standard base sizes of 14”, 16”, 18”, 20”, 22” and 24” depths for maximum display space.

Find The Perfect Combination Of
Gondola Shelving & Accessories

Placement and positioning of gondola units should be carefully considered to create the most successful flow of merchandise. Our Gondola End Cap Units are perfect for highlighting merchandise to encourage a higher turnover. They feature adjustable shelves that can be strategically placed at eye level for immediate visibility. Our Gondola 4-Way Merchandisers provide the most surface area allowing pet supply products to be displayed on four sides. The most favored style of gondola shelving amongst pet stores is our ivory colored unit with solid or pegboard backing that can accept peg hooks and pegboard scanner hooks. Our gondola shelves include a channel on the front that accepts decorative vinyl inserts in different colors, as well as display/channel label holders and sign holders. Accessorizing your gondola shelves is a great way to set your products apart from one another. Make sure to ask about our gondola fences, gondola baskets and gondola shelf dividers that can be placed on our metal gondola shelves to better organize your pet merchandise. Pet stores generally carry a wide range of merchandise to supply all the different types of pets customers might own. This variety in merchandise can range from pet accessories such clothes, supply, food, specialty animal shampoos, treats, or care products.

We understand the need for versatile displays such as harnesses, leashes or bridles that accommodate the size, shape and weight of the product. Whether you’re in need of a slatwall fixture to hang grab and go items such as pet toys and collars or spacious shelving units to showcase bulky items like pet bedding, we can help you navigate our extensive catalog to find the perfect product for your pet store or pet shop.

Discount Shelving & Displays - Pet Store

Products pictured: Pegboard Scanner Hooks & Black Gondola Shelving

Grab Your Customer’s Attention
With Eye-Catching Signage

Quality shelving isn’t the only way to ensure your customers can easily find your products. Signage is a tried and true method of advertising your sale items and enticing customers to shop specific products you’re looking to turnover. A well placed sign is an eye-catching advertisement that directs shoppers to the highlighted item or department. We carry popular tried and true sale banners, clear acrylic sign holders, retail signage frames, gondola sign holders, retail sale signs, outdoor message boards, floor sign holders, Neon florescent sign cards and more signage that help capture your customers attention and ultimately increase your sales.

We carry more than one thousand store fixture and retail display products to choose from, guaranteed to meet virtually all your retail store supply needs. Make sure to take advantage of our complimentary Pet Store design consultation and services by giving us a call at: 1-888-957-4353 or email: [email protected]. Alternatively, feel free to visit our category page here to browse our website for essential pet store fixtures today.

Make sure to take advantage of our complimentary pet store design consultation and services by giving us a call at: 1-888-957-4353 or email: [email protected]. Alternatively, feel free to visit our category page here to browse our website for essential pet store fixtures today.

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