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Discount Shelving & Displays - Pharmacy

Looking For Pharmacy Shelving Solutions?

We Provide Affordable Fixtures To Support Your Retail Workflow

Premium Shelving Backed
By Our Expert Team

Organization is key when running a successful pharmacy and at Discount Shelving & Displays we offer a range of high quality products to make the most of your available space. Our team of specialists are experts in providing pharmacies and drug stores with affordable metal retail store shelving. Our catalog features everything you need for your front and back of house operations, whether you’re looking for secure Rx under-the-counter cabinet units, bay shelving units or wall shelving systems. The right layout for your retail space is important to ensure your shelving and fixtures work for you. That’s why we’re available to help you design the perfect system for your unique store.

Discount Shelving & Displays - Pharmacy

Keep Your Products On Hand
& Increase Work Productivity

When purchasing new pharmacy shelving and fixtures your concerns may range from having easier access to medications to increasing your work space. At DSD our inventory provides pharmacy stores with efficient workstations, bottle dispensing units, Rx storage cabinets, and shelving solutions. Our modular Rx under-the-counter cabinets, metal slatwall shelving and pharmacy bay shelving units are designed to streamline your workflow for maximum productivity. Our shelving and fixtures will refine your execution of day to day work operations and improve your customers overall experience.

Let Us Help You Construct A
Convenient Shopping Experience

In addition to meeting your back of house storage needs, at DSD we are a leading provider of gondola shelving, gondola check-out counters, merchandise displays and store supplies for your front-end pharmacy retail operations. Our experienced team provides heir expertise to devise a layout for your store that creates a well circulated shopping experience for your customers to enjoy. We have more than one thousand products to choose from in our catalog, guaranteed to meet virtually all of your fixture, retail display and store supply needs. Whether you require slatwall, gridwall, glass display cases, shopping baskets, scanner hooks, price guns, or ‘Thank You’ shopping bags, DSD can supply it to you expediently.

Rx Shelving Guidebook

Pharmacy shelving and fixtures need to support both your back-end work operations and front-end shopping experience to enhance your customers perceived level of service. Filling prescriptions and maintaining your inventory requires specially designed fixtures to store, secure and access essential supplies as well as counters and under counter cabinets to create an organized and efficient pharmacy workstation. Maximizing your shelf and storage space ensures you have room to grow your business and house your products.

Pharmacies carry an extensive range of merchandise and conventional shelving is unsuited to display it all in an accessible way. Unique store shelving such as metal gondola shelving, glass showcases and more allow for a nice flow in your front-end retail selling space.

Lesson #1

Rx Pharmacy Bay Shelving Units

To maximize back-end pharmacy space and increase efficiency and productivity, pharmacies typically install specially constructed Rx Pharmacy Bay Shelving Units.

A popular shelving choice amongst pharmacies, these shelves require less space than traditional shelving and can be easily adjusted to accommodate a variety of bottle sizes.

The applications for bay shelving units are endless: place a single-sided unit along your wall to create a large area of prescription storage, use two single-sided units back-to-back to create a double-sided unit or configure them into aisles of storage. Our Rx Pharmacy Bay End Cap Shelving Units are perfect to add on the end at the end of bay shelving units for added storage.

At Discount Shelving & Displays, our single-sided Rx Pharmacy Bay Shelving Units are available in 84” height and 24”, 30”, 36” and 48” widths. These shelves feature a metal baked white enamel finish that presents a clean and professional look.

Each bay shelving unit measures 84” high, 15” wide and 7.5” deep and includes 8 adjustable metal shelves. Additional shelves are available for purchase as your business and inventory needs grow. Our Rx Pharmacy Bay Shelving Units arrive with all the necessary hardware included and upon request extra tools such as levelers can be added.

Lesson #2

Rx Metal Slatwall Shelving Units

Rx Metal Slatwall Shelving affords you the opportunity to maximize all available storage space in your back-end work areas. Available in single-sided, double-sided and end units.

At Discount Shelving & Displays, we supply single-sided wall units and double-sided units available in 32” and 48” lengths. Each unit is 84” high and 8” deep to provide an easy view of your stock. Our Rx Metal Slatwall Shelving End Unit includes 8 adjustable 8” x 15” metal slat shelves and if your needs grow individual shelves are available for purchase.

Our slatwall shelves are constructed with lips that keep your prescription bottles secure and prevent them from falling off.

Each slat shelf can be placed wherever you need along the one inch spaced slatwall panel backing to accommodate your different sized prescription bottles. As your pharmacy evolves so can you slat shelves; simply lift and reattach the shelf where needed, no tools required, and you don't even need to remove your bottles to reposition. Our Rx Metal Slatwall Shelving Units are very easy to assemble and arrive with all the hardware including levelers needed.

Lesson #3

Rx Under Counter Pharmacy Cabinets

Rx Under Counter Pharmacy Cabinets keep your supplies organized and secure while allowing technicians easy access to any prescription bottles or vials. At DSD our cabinets are produced of heavy gauge construction and available in metal and wood styles finished in a powder coated white. Each cabinet measures 24” wide and 22 ¼” deep and are 38” high. With so many different cabinets available it’s easy to create your ideal workstation that meets all your needs.

Narcotics Cabinet Unit is used to keep narcotics secure. Our Rx Under Counter Pharmacy Narcotics Unit features a lockable drawer and two pull-out shelves behind a lockable swing door. The drawer includes two adjustable dividers and the pull-out shelves has four adjustable dividers each that help keep your narcotics bottles organized.

Bottle Dispenser Unit is ideal for keeping your prepared bottles on hand. Our Rx Under Counter Pharmacy Bottle Dispenser Unit includes 3 easy gliding, self-feeding and angled drawers with 4 adjustable dividers per level.

Prescription File 3 and 5 Drawer Units are designed to hold your important prescription files and pharmacy records as well as supplies. Choose from a 3 drawer and/or a 5 drawer unit to meet your needs. Both of these units feature easy gliding pull-out flat bottom drawers. Additionally, each drawer has three compartments with 2 adjustable dividers.

Trash Units keep your waste neat and unseen. Our Rx Under Counter Pharmacy Trash Unit has an open slot above the door for easy disposal of trash into a trash receptacle (not included).

Printer Unit contains your printer and keeps paper and necessary supplies on hand. Our Rx Under Counter Pharmacy Printer Unit features a sturdy gliding pull-out shelf designed to support the weight of your printer.

Closed Door Unit with Drawer is made to contain your valuable pharmacy supplies securely. Our Rx Under Counter Pharmacy Closed Door Unit includes a heavy duty hinged door and an easy sliding drawer both including a lock and key for security.

Vial Unit is uniquely designed to store your pharmacy vials. Our Rx Under Counter Pharmacy Vial Unit has two pull-out drawers with four adjustable dividers. This unit features 10 inches of clearance above each drawer for easy access.

Open Shelf Unit is an all-purpose cabinet designed to hold a variety of pharmacy supplies. Our Rx Under Counter Pharmacy Open Shelf Unit comes with two adjustable shelves.

Lesson #4

Laminate Counter Tops For
Rx Under Counter Pharmacy Cabinets

Once you have your Rx Under Counter Pharmacy Cabinets selected the next step is to choose the actual countertop to create an efficient prescription fulfillment workspace for your pharmacy store technicians. At Discount Shelving & Displays, we offer Rx Laminated Countertops, available in different color and finish options to complete your pharmacy store workstations. Choose from Wilsonart©, Formica© and Pionite© finishes.

Lesson #5

Discount Shelving & Displays - Pharmacy

Pharmacy Gondola Shelving,
Retail Store Displays and Supplies

In addition to creating a productive back-end workspace, your front-end sales area will need to convey a convenient shopping experience to your customers the moment they walk in. Pharmacies use gondola shelving, and other retail fixtures, displays, accessories and supplies to promote sales. Click here to learn more about pharmacy store Gondola Shelving.

At Discount Shelving & Displays, we can help you create the perfect environment that encourage your customers to shop the aisles as they make their way to the pharmacy counter. We have more than a thousand products to choose from, guaranteed to meet virtually all your store fixtures, retail displays and pharmacy store supply needs.

Lesson #6

Gondola Check-Out Counter for Pharmacy

An efficient customer check-out area is key in making your customers shopping experience a positive one. This is your key selling space and requires the efficiency of our Right Way Gondola Check-Out Counters.

These counters are designed to help any retail store supply ample space to ring up customers at the register as well as display impulse merchandise for sale.

Our Right Way Gondola Checkout System comes with a laminate countertop in a variety of colors including black, white, gray, red, spectrum blue, pear wood, almond, maple and mahogany. The side panels are available in black, white, gray, red, spectrum blue, pear wood, almond, ample, mahogany, hunter green and maroon. The front of the counter features adjustable shelves with lips to keep your products securely in place. These shelves can be angled 18 degrees or lay flat to suit your needs. The back side has open storage and adjustable shelving to keep your supplies and ‘Thank You’ bags. Our Right Way Gondola Check-Out System is easy to assemble and includes all of the brackets to mount the top and end panels to the unit. Available in standard sizes of 37” or 43” heights, 24” depth and 76”, 7’4”, 8’4”, 9’4” and 10’4” lengths as well as custom sizing.