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Discount Shelving & Displays - Smoke Shop

Looking For Smoke & Vapor Shop Shelving Solutions?

Create An Attractive Store Layout With High Quality Units & Expert Advice

Highlight Your Vapor Supplies
In A Modern Display

Smoke & Vapor Shops require a variety of shelving and display fixtures to showcase their vast inventory. Our catalog offers over a thousand items to choose from that suit merchandise of all shapes and sizes. Acrylic displays are quickly growing in popularity amongst shop owners as a sleek and modern means of displaying e-cigarettes, e-liquid bottles and other vapor supplies. Available in several different styles and designs, these displays give your store a more polished look and feel. Acrylic e-cig holders are available in multi-slot, multi-tiered and single slot designs and are also available as curved displays. Specifically made to sit perfectly on your counter-top or glass display case, these holders attractively display merchandise at your customers eye-level.

Offer Your Customers
A Premium Experience

Your available retail space is a precious commodity, make the best use of it by adding countertop showcases to feature your higher-cost e-cigarette and vapor merchandise. Designed to conveniently sit on your countertops, our display cases are a secure way to feature your higher-cost e-cigarette and vapor merchandise for sale. Another great solution for highlighting high ticket items is to display them in glass showcases that offer a greater level of security and an expensive look and feel to your Smoke & Vapor Shop. Customers are automatically drawn to merchandise displayed in glass showcases and are likely to expect the items inside to be of a high value and worth paying a premium price for. As more Smoke & Vapor Shops continue to open, many are seeking to stand apart from the crowd with an upscale setting. Placing your smoke and vapor merchandise in stylish fixtures such as our glass cube displays is an excellent strategy for conveying a luxury atmosphere. To ensure that your countertop display cases have the maximum impact on your customers make sure you take into account the location of your register stands and wrap counters. Typically, these counters are placed near the exit to the left side of the store to encourage customers to pick up those last-minute impulse items.

Equip Your Shop With
A Sleek & Functional Setup

To maximize your Smoke & Vapor Shops perimeter wall space, we recommend slatwall panels for displaying a wide variety of merchandise. Similar in functionality to pegboard displays, which are well suited to displaying items of many shapes and sizes, Slatwall panels offer a much more polished appearance for your shop. In addition to providing a finished wall treatment for your retail space, they’re easily customizable with the addition of slatwall accessories such as slatwall hooks, wood shelves, tempered glass shelves, bullnose shelving with slatwall shelf brackets, wire baskets, acrylic bins and more. For the middle of your sales floor we recommend slatwall displays such as Slatwall H Gondola Display, Slatwall T Gondola Display, Rotating Slatwall Display, Slatwall Cube Displays, and Slatwall 4 Way Displays. Convey your personal style with our range of attractive colors including walnut, maple, black and white. These displays are perfect to place near a checkout area or near popular products as they’re best at displaying complimentary items without taking up too much space.

*Disclaimer: Discount Shelving, Inc. does not manufacture, produce, sell or promote the use of tobacco, e-cigarette or vapor products of any kind. Our products are used exclusively for display purposes only.

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