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Discount Shelving & Displays - Pool Supply Store

Looking For Pool Supply Store Shelving Solutions?

Discover Affordable Units That Create Eye-Catching Displays

Arm Your Business With
The Industry’s Favorite Shelving

Arm your Pool Supply Store with the most popular shelving in the industry – Metal Gondola Shelving. As one of the most versatile shelving options, it is ideal for displaying a wide variety of merchandise in an accessible and easily visible way. Metal Gondola Shelves are made with heavy duty steel and each shelf is capable of bearing up to 500lbs of pool supply merchandise such as pool chemicals, chlorine tablets, pool shock, water balancers, algaecides, clarifiers and more. While capable of bearing heavy loads, it is also well suited to displaying items of odd shapes and sizes such as pool equipment and accessories. Creating an effective store layout is imperative to encouraging your customers to shop the aisles and view items that they may not have originally came in for. Gondola Units are excellent for creating an efficient flow of traffic throughout your retail space that maximizes sales and floor space. We recommend a pegboard backing that is capable of accepting peg and scanner hooks, perfect for displaying pool accessories. Pegboard is a popular choice amongst retailers as its functionality gears it to displaying items of odd shapes and sizes in a clean and organized fashion that minimizes empty spaces.

Outfit Your Units With
Functional Accessories

Gondola Shelving is available in wall units, double-sided units and end cap units offered in a range of sizes including lengths of 24”, 30”, 36” and 48”, heights ranging from 36” to 120” and common bases sizes of 16”, 18”, 20”, 22” and 24”. A typical gondola unit for a pool supply store is 72”-96” high with a standard base size of 16”-24”. Most commonly Pool Supply Stores will opt for their Gondola Units to be either ivory or black colored, allowing colorful pool merchandise to stand out. Brighten up the mood in your Pool Supply Store with decorative color vinyl inserts, display labels, and signs that can all be accepted in the front channel on your Gondola Shelves. Customize your units further with gondola fences, baskets and shelf dividers that add to your displays organization and visual appeal. These accessories are great for sectioning off smaller goods such as pool toys, accessories and safety products as well as creating a designated space for larger items like swimming pool covers. Browse our selection of signage and accessories to punch up the ambiance in your retail space.

Enjoy The Convenience
And Longevity Of Gridwall

For a more affordable shelving option that offers high versatility and durability, choose Gridwall Shelving for your Pool Supply Store. Constructed from ¼-inch diameter wire arranged in 3” squares and welded at crossover points for strength, gridwall is built to last. Available as panels, you can choose from colors including black, white and chrome as a well as a range of sizes including 4’x4’, 2’x4’, 1’x5’, 2’x5’, 2’x6’, 2’x7’, 2’x8’, 4’x6’, 4’x8’, 3’x6’ and 3’x8’. The benefits of gridwall include that it is easy to assemble, the panels are able to be mounted on the wall or used as a free-standing floor display with or without grid legs or grid bases. Although it has a plainer look, when used in combination with accessories such as grid hooks, shelves, baskets and bins it becomes a dynamic shelving display that neatly arranges merchandise such as pool parts, filter cartridges, replacement cells as well as toys and decorative items. If you’re looking for a low-hassle shelving option, gridwall is perfect as it is relatively lightweight and can easily be changed throughout the year for seasonal or sale displays.

Discount Shelving & Displays - Pool Supply Store

Enhance Your Stores Setting
With A Polished Look

Give your store a finished appearance with Slatwall Panels outfitting the perimeter walls of your retail space. With similar benefits to gridwall, slatwall provides the same versatility while adding a much more polished appearance. Many Pool Supply Stores use slatwall to display a variety of merchandise such as pool skimmers, vacuums, hoses, tile displays and more. In addition to providing a finished wall treatment, Slatwall Panels are also highly customizable as they accept a variety of accessories such as hooks, wood shelves, tempered glass shelves, bullnose shelves and shelf brackets. On the sales floor, we recommend units such as our Slatwall H Gondola Display, Slatwall T Gondola Display, Rotating Slatwall Display, Slatwall Cube Displays, and Slatwall 4 Way Displays. Available in attractive colors such as walnut, maple, black and white these units are a great use of your retail space. Strategically placed near a checkout area or near popular products they can display complimentary items that may catch your customer’s eye and promote sales. Many of our past clients use these displays to hold up swimming nets, chlorine floaters, fragrances, toys, inflatable items and other low price, impulse purchases.

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