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Discount Shelving & Displays - Thrift Store

Looking For Thrift Store Shelving Solutions?

Showcase Your Unique Items With An Array Of Intriguing Displays

Boost Sales With Effective
Shelving Strategies

Shoppers love finding second-hand treasures in Thrift Stores, Vintage Clothing Stores and Consignment Shops, often for a discounted price. To further promote a positive shopping experience, retailers need store fixtures, shelving and retail supplies that lend themselves to displaying a vast array of merchandise. When choosing your store’s fixtures, consider the size of your retail space as well as the mood you want your store to convey to your customers. As you plan the layout for your space it’s imperative to keep your flow of customer traffic moving smoothly and to maintain a constant visual of your merchandise. Create a dynamic layout that will catch your customer’s eye by varying your store’s fixtures and displays. When displaying apparel, utilize a combination of clothing racks, display tables, and mannequin forms to present your merchandise at different heights. A surefire method for grabbing your customer’s attention is to employ face-out merchandising which ensures the front of your products are always facing outwards.

Create Dynamic Displays In
All Corners Of Your Store

Add an extra layer of security to your higher priced items with Economy Wall Cases and Economy Glass Display Cases. Available in chic finishes such as black, maple and walnut cherry, these cases are an attractive way to highlight your premium merchandise such as jewelry and collectibles. Make use of every surface in your retail space with Countertop Glass Display Cases that provide additional space for related items.

Highlight Your Unique Apparel
With Attractive Sales Racks

For a durable and affordable shelving option, many Thrift Stores choose grid wall panels that can be mounted to the wall using grid wall mounts or used as free standing floor merchandisers with the addition of gridwall legs or bases. Available in a range of sizes including: 1'x5', 2'x4', 2'x5', 2'x6', 2'x8', 3'x6', 3'x8', 4'x4' and 4'x6'. Choose from our range of colors such as black, white and chrome finishes that offer a neutral background for your products to stand out on. Outfit your gridwall panels with functional accessories such as gridwall shelves and baskets that break up your displays and keep your products organized. Gridwall displays offer the benefit of easy customization so that you can change your displays from season to season.

Clothing racks a staple retail fixture for Thrift Stores looking to display vintage and consignment apparel. Maximize rack space with traditional clothing racks such as round and double bar racks, also known as double rail racks. As your inventory grows and you find yourself in need of more clothing display space, add to your rack’s capacity with add-on rings, bars and rack toppers available in wire, glass and wood finishes. Highlight your displays with signage, mannequin forms or complementary merchandise on your clothing rack toppers to encourage even more sales. Thrift Store’s in need of space saving solutions often utilize Dual Rail Clothing Racks for extra storage in a compact display. This modular rack has 4 adjustable side rails and a bottom basket for overstock merchandise. Available in a clean looking silver powder coated finish and 3” swivel casters this unit can be easily be moved from the checkout area to any aisle to showcase your sale or clearance items. Face-out merchandising is an even more effective strategy for clothing items as it displays the full garment to your customer immediately. Our 2-way and 4-way racks are perfect to utilize this retail strategy and ideal for the center of your sales floor. Use 4-way clothing racks to present coordinating items of clothing or spiral racks to display one style of clothing offered in varying colors. Convey your store’s style with our wide range of available finishes including black, satin chrome, pearl and copper.

Catch Your Customer’s Eye
With Intriguing Displays

Make use of all the sales space you have available, including right outside your door to entice shoppers inside your store. Portable store fixtures such as black beauty clothing racks, salesman rolling racks and dump tables are perfect for creating sidewalk sales and allow your customers a sneak peak of what’s offered inside. Highlight your fixtures with retail signage, sale pennants and banners to add some eye-catching color. Keep your stockroom or dressing rooms decluttered and organized with Heavy Duty Clothing Z Racks capable of handling all of your inventory. Standard fixtures found in any Thrift Store or Consignment Shop are mannequins and forms to show your customers how your clothes appear when worn. This has been proven an effective method of boosting clothing sales as customer’s are more likely to pick up an item if they can visualize how the garment will look on themselves. Be sure to place your mannequins and body forms or dress forms near your clothing racks or folded displays for your customer’s convenience.

Choose Shelving That
Accommodates Every Product

Thrift Stores require all-purpose shelving solutions to accommodate a wide range of merchandise including bric-a-brac, electronics, small appliances and etc. Metal Gondola Shelving is an ideal choice for any retailer that needs to display a multitude of items. These units are constructed with heavy duty steel and offer the main benefits of durability, functionality and versatility. This style of shelving can be easily configured to suit any store’s layout needs. These units are true workhorses in a retail environment as each Gondola Shelf is capable of holding up to 500lbs of merchandise evenly distributed. Gondola Shelving is available in Gondola Wall Units, Double-Sided Gondola Units and Gondola End Cap Units. For the middle of your sales floor use double sided units in a standard height of 72”-96” and a base shelf size determined by your available aisle width. We offer a range of base sizes to choose from with our most common Thrift Store’s requiring Gondola Shelving bases around 18”-24” deep. To outfit your store’s perimeter walls, use Gondola Wall Units that are 72” to 120” high with standard base sizes of 16” to 24”. Place Single Sided Gondola End Caps at the end of your aisles to add shelving space and highlight corresponding merchandise or sale items. Keep in mind that federal law mandates that your store aisles must be at least 36” wide to meet ADA Compliance. You should also check your local ordinances for fire safety regulations and other building code requirements when planning your Gondola Shelving for your store.

Optimize Your Business With
Retail Supplies On Hand

Display your promotional, sale or impulse purchase items in dump bins or dump tables. Compared to other store shelving, these fixtures are an economical and space-saving choice for retailers. Strategically place dump bins near your registers, wrap counters or store aisles to draw customers eyes and increase sales. Thrift Stores and Consignment Shops require a toolkit of retail supplies to keep their business running smoothly. Keep track of new merchandise for sale with sale tags available in a variety of colors to categorize items by style or date. This method allows you to visually monitor your businesses inventory turnover and help you make decisions on rotating or cycling your items or adjusting pricing. Have a price labeling gun handy or “Discount Off” self-adhesive dot stickers to markdown prices on your sale items. Our catalog offers a myriad of supplies to help you grow your business including:

  • Clothing Hangers
  • Bagging Jacks
  • Tagging Guns
  • Fasteners
  • Try-On Peds
  • Retail Policy Signs
  • Store Security Mirrors
  • Sales Order Books
  • Hanger Accessories
  • Hanger Stands
  • Tags
  • Sign Holders
  • Retail Signage
  • Jewelry Displays
  • Gift Certificate Booklet
  • Reaching Rods

Make sure to take advantage of our complimentary thrift store design consultation and services by giving us a call at: 1-888-957-4353 or email: [email protected]. Alternatively, feel free to visit our category page here to browse our website for essential thrift store fixtures today.

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